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SUPERTANK(R) Electrolytic Cells


Supertank is a trade mark of ANCORTECMIN of CHLE.


Sipertank is used as an electrolysis cell of copper, a zinc, and a lead.


Supertank® containers are designed to maintain maximum cell availability and safety under persistent chemical attack in the cell interior and high mechanical stresses in the walls and floor due to thermal gradient between the temperatures and the exterior of the electrolyte of each cell (particularly critical in winter months). Co-engineering and factory supply of thermal insulation, capping boards and electrolyte agitation systems for installation in cells, further improve the electrolysis process, enhancing overall operational safety and results.
Supertank® cell containers are cast monolithically with a patented, three-strata system of composite materials. The container's internal stratum is a multi-Iayered,fiber reinforced vinylester -FRP-, formed as a single-piece chemical barrier tank that assures the container's long-term impermeability and corrosion resistance.
The Hyperbonded® polymer concrete core stratum, formulated to achieve a low coefficient of thermal expansion (patented), provides long term structural integrity with low thermal stresses. An external single layer FRP stratum seal is supplied standard to further protect the core from electrolyte operating spillages; or optionally, a multi-layered seal for cell protection under thermal gradients from extremely outside environments.

Physical Data

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ITEM Property
Compressive strength 80 - 110 MPa
Flexural strength. 22 - 27 MPa
Young's modulus (25℃) 17 GPa
Shearing strong  - 45 MPa
Density (Standard Compaction) 2.25 Ton/m3
Volumetric Electric Resistivity 3.4 X1012 ΩXCm
Dielectric Strength 3.6 KV/mm
Thermal Conductivity 1.37 W/m-K
Specific Heat 800 J/Kg-K Estimate
Thermal Expansion Coeficient 18 - 20 X 10-6 m/m/℃