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OXYDUR is the optimal material for floors for protecting a floor from various chemicals as a chemical-resistant elastic flooring material of various plants. Furthermore, OXYDUR is a polyurethane elastomer with self leveling. Thickness is the material of the liquid sheet which can be constructed to 1-5 mm.


A chemical plant, an electrolytic cell floor, a food plant, a warehouse, a laboratory, a pharmaceutical factory, a chemical factory, a cookroom, a parking lot, waste water treatment facilities.


(1) Excel in plasticity for abrasion proof and the place of which shock resistance is required.
(2) Since it has high corrosion resistance, it is suitable for the foundation of the floor which needs anticorrosion, a tank, or a pump.
(3) Since it is seamless, it prevent penetration of water, oil, a chemical, etc., and cleaning is also easy.
(4) Since it has plasticity, it is strong against a mechanical ballistic, and it can be hard to divide.
(5) Repair is easy because of a liquid sheet.

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The type of OXYDUR.

It is the flooring system material which was rich in chemical resistance and elasticity.
This mixes aggregate in OXYDUR resin, and since it gives thickness and application, it can make thickness of 3-5 mm .

This can make thickness of about 1 mm to OXYDUR resin.

This material with the same quality as OXYDUR PTB, and can use it especially for high temperatures. Heat resistant temperature is Max70℃.

Green, gray, yellow, beige, red.

Nonslip tread finish is also prepared so that many working conditions may be suite