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Alkadur EPN

Alkadur EPN is highly chemical resistant lining system.
Alkadur EPN provides excellent resistances to many chemical s, such as solvents , concentrated alkalis and acids.
In particular it resists to 98% sulfuric acid.


Alkadur EPN is used onto concrete and steel substrates, especialy in tanks.


(1) It is excellent to a shock resistance.
(2) Since it is seamless, it prevent penetration of water, oil, a chemical, etc., and cleaning is also easy.
(3) It is strong against a mechanical shock because of plasticity, and can be hard to divide.
(4) Repair is easy because of a liquid sheet.
(5) It is strong to a crack.

Standard color:Gray

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Physical Data

Property Test Method Property value
Compressive strength(MPa) DIN EN ISO 604 62
Tensile strengs(MPa) DIN EN ISO 527 23
Modulas of elasticty(Mpa) DIN EN ISO 178 8,000-12,000
Expansion coefficient(x10-5/℃) ASTM D696 27-30
Heatresistant temperature(℃) - 60