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BEKAPLASTR is product of German STEULUR-KCH.


BEKAPLAST has an anchor in the back side. It is a unique thermoplastic material with the chemical resistance which covers the inner side of concrete.
BEKAPLAST has 4 kinds of materials.
A polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), vinyl chloride (PVC), and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).It is good for opposite ultraviolet rays (UV), and it can use also for an outdoor structures. Moreover, according to an application, there are 2 kinds of systems, BEKAPLAST-S and BEKAPLAST-DWS. Prefablication is also possible for the structures of BEKAPLAST, such as a trench and a small pit, in a factory.
By sticking BEKAPLAST to a common concrete structures, I can build the large structures of an unrestricted dimensions. We are not influenced by the design of the structures of concrete when using BEKAPLAST. After BEKAPLAST lining pours in concrete, formwork is welded with an extruding welding machine to removal and BEKAPLAST sheets, a completion test is done by a spark test, and It is increasing the deliability more. It can also perform easily the existing piping and a connector with a pit. While a BEKAPLAST lining system reduces construction time, it can also perform a connection with other linings easily. In the case of a prefabricated BEKAPLAST structures, it hardly need site welding, and pour in concrete, and it remove formwork and complete. Since the anchor knob of the back of these BEKAPLAST sheets is embedded and fixed in concrete, it is very hard also to osmosis of the water from a surface.
We do a spark test, in order to guarantee a BEKAPLAST lining.


The sewer of casting pits, chests, an underground pit, a chemical process storage tank, and a city, and the water tank and tank & pump foundation, the flooring material of a factory.


(1) BEKAPLAST fulfills chemical and various necessary conditions for mechanical protection of a concrete structures irrespective of a nominal size of pump or form.
(2) BEKAPLAST has chemical resistance, heat resistance, and an abrasion resistance property.
(3) BEKAPLAST fulfills the conditions of the U.S. USDA and FDA.

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