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CHUO BOSHOKU KOGYO CO.,LTD. are U.S. Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Inc, STEULER-KCH of Germany, and ANCORTECMIN of chle. we have tied up.
We performed various corrosive protection lining construction which makes a synthetic resin a subject, and have got an user's reliance. The motto of our company is perfect corrosive protection, and is formation of the outstanding anticorrosion layer without a claim. And in preparation for a next new generation, aiming at the more outstanding improvement in technology, I fully demonstrated each one of employees' capability by globalization, and think that I would like to make it the company where reliance is used from you, users.

President message

Our company has seen 52 years since establishment, thanks to you.
I also regard this as it being the result of an user's aid earnestly.
A result does not come out immediately and our corrosive protection technology appears as a result for the first time through long years.
It is proved by our old actual result.
For that purpose, I am indispensable, and both the best material and the best application technology continue having a belief which also allows no compromise, they advance globalization as a company accepted in the world from now on, and regard us as liking to make it the company which can get many of your trust to environment.

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Aren't you annoyed by the corrosion of a factory? Please contact us, supposing you are in trouble.
Our many references and experience will surely be helpful to you.

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