Business Activity | Our exact response is just a professional's pride. We have technical capabilities which respond exactly in the needs to diversify.

We think from a viewpoint of you, users, from the planning of development to responsibility check, and meet the expectation, making full use of abundant experiences and technical know-how. We are anticorrosion professionals. We wish with the posture in which we satisfy exactly the needs which carry out much more evolution, and diversify the technology, and we develop.


  • Resin Coating
  • Resin Lining
  • Resin Mortar
  • Cent-Tarvon(R)Sheet lining
  • Brick ant Tile Lining
  • Stud sheet Lining
  • FRP Tank
  • Super Tank(R)
  • Leak detection system Concrete pit double-wall system
  • Mist eliminator


Paper and pulp, Steel, Nonferrous metal, Electric power, Gas, Oil and science, Food, Electricity, Electronic components, Medicine manufacture, Water and sewage, School, Hospital, Research institute, Liquid waste treatment, Pure water manufacture, Warehouse, Hot spring etc.